Fall POUND Session!

When dewy and cool August mornings roll in I can’t help but think of  the 1990s when I was heading back to school with new shoes, a new outfit, and if I was lucky, a Yikes! pencil or two.

Fast forward many, many years and the smells and feels of late summer are the same and I’m kind of heading back to elementary school in a few weeks. Okay, not really but it is time to consider signing up for my POUND Rockout Workout session! I’ll be back at Edmunds Elementary in Sherman Hill for another fun eight-week sweat fest! Space is limited and we usually sell out! Here are the details:

When: Tuesdays from 6:30-7:15 PM
Starting: September 18 and going to November 6
Location: Edmunds Elementary – 950 15th Street, DSM, IA*
Cost: $39
What to Bring: A yoga mat and water bottle
Registration: Click here to register on the DMPS Community Ed Website and select “Exercise and Fitness,” then navigate your way to POUND Rockout Workout

POUND is so fun you might not even realize you’re exercising. And by that I mean you might just do 800 squats in one class and not even realize it. Don’t let that number scare you off though – everything can be modified, EVERYTHING!

Please, please, please, join me on September 18! I have since lost the giant bow on my head but my love of neon and bangs still exist!

*You will enter through the gymnasium doors on the west side of Edmunds and park in the lot that faces I-235. 

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