POUND In the New Year


Can you believe 2018 is almost over? I was just thinking that I started Hello Wellness eight years ago and started my website seven years ago. If you have been with me since then, you might notice that I took down all my old content and don’t post much to this website or Hello Wellness Facebook page any longer. I’m basically keeping this up to promote my POUND classes and provide the occasional bit of inspiration to anyone who keeps up with me. Thanks for everyone who is still reading and liking my posts!

Here’s the bit of inspiration I’d like to share today: This year I decided to be more intentional around how often I use my phone, check social media, mindlessly scroll through things that don’t always make me feel the best, etc. Back in late January I deleted all social media apps from my phone (minus Pages so I could provide POUND updates) and decided that I was not going to install them again until March. Well, March came and I decided I could stay away a little longer. Eventually I put Twitter and Instagram back but I still have not reinstalled Facebook!

If you’ve never taken a social media hiatus I am here to tell you that the first few days are the hardest because, FOMO, obviously, but after that it gets easier. I understand social media is how many people connect and share and promote themselves but outside of POUND there is really no need for me to be doing much on social media, so it was relatively easy. Yes, I missed a few invites here and there because nowadays everyone assumes you are checking Facebook  or whatever it is every 10 minutes, but overall, I think my year was better, not worse, because I disconnected more than I had in past years.

I’m off my soapbox now! Here’s what you need to know about my upcoming POUND classes. Both winter and spring are available for registration. If you want to do both, you need to register for both. 

  • Tuesdays at Edmunds Elementary
  • Class starts at 6 PM (note: this is a NEW time)
  • Cost is $39 for an eight-week session
  • Winter session starts January 8 and runs through February 26
  • Spring session starts March 26 and runs through May 14
  • I provide the Ripstix; you need to bring your own yoga mat (BYOYM!)
  • Click here to register! (You have to click on “Exercise and Fitness” and then “POUND”)


Please consider being part of my POUND Posse! We have so much fun and no experience with POUND is necessary! 

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