Hello, It’s Me!


It has been a while since I have posted but never fear, I am back! I have updated my website and plan to post a little more moving forward now that it has a new look!

In the past three years Hello Wellness has taken a step back from what I initially set out to do. I am no longer providing consulting or wellness seminars for organizations. When I left Drake and started my full-time job with EFR, I decided to focus all my energy there for the time being.

What you can expect isĀ  promotion and updates for my POUND classes and other posts where I like to share ideas, thoughts, and motivations on all things related to wellness.

My life was way too busy in the past. I used to have a full-time job and three part-time jobs. I have scaled back to one full-time job outside the home at EFR and still enjoy teaching POUND through Des Moines Public Schools Community Education. This change has given me time to relax and provided a better balance between everything that is important to me.

Stay tuned for more! And, thanks so much for checking in!



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