What is Wellness?

Depending on how you slice it, wellness can be broken into several different dimensions. I typically identify seven dimensions of wellness in my practice. I have found that time and again most people identify being well as exercising and eating healthy. While that is certainly an important dimension, having other pieces in balance can make or break your physical well-being. I believe that at the end of the day, each dimension is equally important. 

Physical – Leading and active lifestyle and nourishing the body with healthy food

Emotional – Understanding how your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings impact overall well-being

Social – Enhancing the quality of life through connections to friends and family

Intellectual – Developing and enhancing skill sets and exploring new ideas

Spiritual – Finding meaning and purpose in life through developing personal beliefs and values

Environmental – Being aware of your environment and surroundings and how they shape your well-being

Occupational – Obtaining a work-life balance or a work-study balance and having a life outside of school or work

Here are some things I consider vital to my personal well-being: reading, home-cooked meals, stretching, an occasional treat, flowers and plants, and being adventurous (trying wheatgrass for the first time).
What is Wellness