Maintain, Don’t Gain Part 1 (Day 10)!

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We’re coming down to the last two weeks of December and that means there are still many occasions and opportunities to both celebrate and sabotage all your healthy efforts before the year comes to an end. I get a lot of questions about staying healthy during the holidays so wanted to dedicate a couple posts to all of the ideas I share with friends, family, colleagues, and clients.

On the 10th day of Fitness, Hello Wellness gave to me: Easy ways to maintain, not gain weight through the end of 2012!

  • First things first – let’s be realistic; this is one of the hardest times of the year to lose weight so focus on maintaining and not gaining over the next two weeks. Maintaining weight is a big accomplishment for many and any weight lost will be an added bonus.
  • Plate sizes have increased drastically in the past few decades. While I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone, we don’t always think about how much this impacts how much we eat. Use smaller plates and serve food from the kitchen; don’t bring it to the table.
  • Speaking of serving food, use smaller serving spoons so people are less apt to take large servings. Make just enough so everyone can enjoy the food but you don’t have a lot leftover.
  • If you are hosting a big dinner and find that you made too much food, invite people to take some leftovers home so you don’t eat green bean casserole or sweet potato pie for four days straight. A day or two of a holiday meal probably won’t bust your waistline but several days in a row adds up.
  • If you are hosting, consider having fresh fruits and vegetables out for pre-dinner appetizers. A couple of my favorites include mozzarella-tomato minis, beet hummus (from the 6th day of fitness) and cuke and tom minis.

This is part one of my “Maintain, Don’t Gain” suggestions so stay tuned for more tomorrow, the 11th day of fitness! Do you have any guidelines you stick by this time of year? Please share below!