Food on a Stick!

If your initial thought was that this post entails all the reasons why you should avoid food-on-a-stick from the Iowa State Fair, you’re wrong. While I am certainly not an advocate for practices such as eating an entire stick of deep-fried butter, I’m also not going to wax philosophical on a such an obvious no-no.

What I’m here to talk about is how healthy and convenient food-on-a-stick it can be! As you might know, I work at Drake University and oversee the group exercise program. I have about 14 group exercise instructors that I work with and occasionally like to feed (don’t worry, they eat on their own the rest of the time). I asked one of my instructors for advice as to what we should do for food as I’ve heard that pizza and sandwiches are quite abundant elsewhere on campus. Stacie recommended food-on-a-stick!

How To:
Assemble anything from fruits to vegetables to meats and cheese to brownies or angel food cake on a skewer! I know a lot of people enjoy grilling skewers but since that was not an option, all of our skewers were fresh! There was zero clean up and no utensils necessary which made this even more convenient! Take a look at the photos to see what we made! I think these were definitely a crowd pleaser: angel food confetti cake with blackberries and raspberries!

Consider stacking your favorite bite-sized snacks for your next get together!