Alphabet Arms & Legs


This short video will show you a challenging routine for your low-back. I find that many times people neglect these muscles and focus too much on the abs. Remember, it’s best to keep your body balanced front to back and side to side. The next time you do some crunches, roll over and catch your low-back muscles too!



  • Lezlie Ward

    Hi Johanna!
    It is Lezlie, Eric’s sister. Martha sent me your link. Great! I am glad to be connected to you on the web. I hope you have had a nice summer. Can you remind me, is your background kinesthesiology? You are a personal trainer right? I am glad to get your input.
    Have a great day,

    • Johanna

      Hi Lezlie,
      Glad you are following my site! Are you still instructing yoga? My background is group exercise and personal training.