Sugar Shockers!

Sugar Shockers

I had the privilege of doing seminars this week with some young ladies attending the Bulldog Soccer Academy at Drake University. One aspect of wellness the coaches wanted me to discuss with campers was nutrition for athletes.

One of my favorite ways to educate others about what they’re putting in their bodies is to actually measure out an ingredient, in this case sugar, so they can see teaspoon by teaspoon exactly what they are ingesting. To emphasize the importance of minimizing sugar laden beverages such as pop and energy drinks, I set out various sugar displays for the campers and they had to select which beverage contained which amount of sugar. This was a tough game as most of them were mislead in thinking tea had the least amount of sugar and Red Bull the most. The tea was actually second highest!

I know many people find the extremely inexpensive yet very large fountain drinks available at many gas stations rather appealing to their taste buds and wallets. I trekked down to the gas station and asked if I could purchase an empty cup and found out you can for a nominal fee of 25 cents! Why an empty cup you ask? I couldn’t bring myself to actually filling one of these up with pop so opted for the “I have a weird question” moment at the cash register. If you were to fill this up with Dr. Pepper, a personal favorite of mine on occasions few and far between, you would be getting an astounding 39.9 teaspoons of sugar!

Moral of the story: it’s not just what you eat that matters. Special food and drinks on special occasions.

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