Sweet Skewers

Patriotic Skewers

I’m having a party on Wednesday to celebrate the 4th of July and was looking for something easy, healthy, and tasty to assemble for my friends. While I generally use skewers to grill meats, vegetables, and to assemble other treats, I rarely use them for desserts. Feeling a bit patriotic, I decided to do a red, white, and blue theme and came up with these sweet treats: strawberry and blueberry angel food skewers!

I don’t have a pan to make an angel food cake (plus it is hot and I am avoiding the oven) so went the easy route and purchased one from the bakery at my grocery store. Having eliminated that step, the prep work entailed slicing the cake and stacking the skewers. Enjoy and happy 4th of July!


  • Freddie Trunkel

    Very patriotic, easy to make , appealing, healthy and delicious!