Museum of Broken Relationships


A couple days ago I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. The concept behind this exhibit is that in life, we never fail to celebrate engagements, marriages, and births but often times neglect to recognize the significance that broken relationships (death, breakups, divorce, separation of faith, etc.) have on our lives.

Based in Zagreb, the exhibit is currently traveling across the U.S. in four different cities (Bloomington, Indianapolis, San Francisco, and Dallas if I recall correctly). Perhaps you’re not in a position to visit any of the exhibits but if you are carrying around grief or simply want to share feelings you’ve been harboring you can donate to the collection. The website has information as to how to do this.

If you enjoy the PostSecret website, this is something that you’ll find fascinating. I was moved by many of the stories shared at the Zagreb collection. While several were tragic, others made me smile. Many left a lump in my throat and are stories I’ll recall for many years to come.