Dear Mom Friends


Dear Mom Friends,

I came upon a photo recently that made me smile and laugh:P1000527

This was summer 2010 and you were gathering your small children for a photo at my request. As you can see no one other than me was cooperating. At the time I remember thinking something along the lines of “what cute babies but thank goodness none of them are mine!”

Fast forward seven years and your babes are self-sufficient elementary school kids and I’m the one trying to get my baby to sit still for a camera or cooperate when hanging with you. Also, on a side note, I get why you were wearing jeans; I don’t think I could manage baby duties in shorts that short but dang, they were cute!

Because you had kids many moons before me I am starting to connect the dots on some previously unsolved mysteries. Things like unreturned phone calls and unexpected departures from social gatherings are all making sense now. I’m also starting to think back to when you first hatched your babes and I’m sorry for being over eager to visit when they were days old and then probably overstaying my welcome when you let me in your home. And when I asked “what have you been reading?”  I get that you most likely weren’t reading anything beyond Sandra Boynton board books.

But what I’m not sorry about is waiting to be the last one to have kids. I’m serious, holding out was the best! You all knew exactly what I needed before my baby was born (thanks for the nursing bras and and tons of diapers!) and what I didn’t need (outfits with a dozen buttons, no matter how cute they are) plus you give me advice when Miss Audrey is fussy and reassure me that your cherubs also had cradle cap in their eyebrows.

Thanks for everything, mom friends! I couldn’t do it without you.

Happy Mother’s Day and lots of love,