December 2016 (Oh What a Month!)


As this last month of the year winds down many of you might be thinking about New Year resolutions or goals or intentions. While you might have an idea of how you want to start 2017, have you considered how you want to end 2016? Why not start now instead of later? We all know where later gets us – generally nowhere! Here are a few things I”m committing to between now and December 31:

  • No treats during my workday. This means no candy from the community candy bowl and saying no thank you to homemade treats when they are in the break room. This might not be a realistic goal for you but it is for me. Generally speaking I don’t care for many of the treats available because they aren’t worth it to me. A lot of store-made or factory made cookies and candies just don’t hit the spot.
  • Make a point to take a midday walk through the skywalk. Baby, it’s cold outside and I’m not motivated to move if it means I’m frozen. Thankfully I have access to the skywalk system downtown so I don’t even need my jacket to get a few hundred extra steps each day.
  • Take time for the people I care about. I have a breakfast date scheduled with a former student from Drake who is graduating this month and who I may never see again as life takes her to great places. I have a Love Actually and bake date set with my two close DSM girlfriends who I’d love to see often but life gets in the way. My boyfriend and I are going to make a point to see a movie in the theatre and grab a nice dinner to celebrate us and the year we’ve had.
  • Share a lovely holiday memory with a friend or family member. I recently emailed my dad this photo and said “remember when you promised me polka dot pants for Christmas?” It’s one of our favorite things to joke about since he didn’t think they actually existed until a trip to K-Mart in 1988 proved otherwise.polka-dot-1

Remember, December can be stressful enough so don’t add too much to your plate but don’t forget to stay well – stick with that exercise routine you’ve established or find a few days to get moving if it’s been a while and don’t let good eating habits go to the wayside out of obligation or temptation in the break room. It’s harder to start 2017 healthy when you end 2016 without focus on what makes you feel good.