You Said What?


As someone who has worked in the wellness (or well-being as it’s now called) and fitness world for about 14 years, I have heard a lot of comments and questions about various topics in this industry. Sometimes when things are really quiet random thoughts will come to me and so I’ve decided to write them down. I suppose you could say some of these ramblings are what I’d like to say back to people but hesitate doing so for fear of hurt feelings or not being professional. But since this is my personal website I figure I can let it all out once and for all!

First, enough with the jokes about doughnuts already. Just because I am a wellness professional doesn’t mean I don’t eat so-called bad food. I actually like doughnuts and eat them occasionally. That’s actually a good thing. I don’t deprive myself of something I enjoy. When I eat a doughnut I make sure it’s worth it. I’m starting to feel for cops because I would imagine they hear doughnut comments a lot more than I do. IMG_1712

You don’t need to justify eating chocolate by it being dark chocolate. I actually don’t really care that you’re eating chocolate and I’ve only now noticed because you made it a point to tell me. As long as you didn’t hire me to keep tabs on your wellness goals I’m probably not paying attention to what you are eating, unless you point it out. And speaking of eating, it’s kind of annoying when you point out how healthy my food is. 

Yes, I spend upwards of 100 dollars on yoga pants. It has nothing to do with the logo or keeping up with the latest hot brand. I happen to find them more comfortable and durable and worth the investment. I once had a pair of Lululemon pants for six years. Six years people. I wore them a few times a week when I was at Drake and that was more or less my uniform, a luxury I rather miss. The only reason I got rid of them was because they were flared leg and everything had gone skinny. They never frayed, thinned, or pilled.

When you skip the stretching portion of the fitness class you just took you’re cheating yourself out of a very important part of your workout. And no, you’re not going to do it later. I’ve told that same lie to myself and we all know what happens when you get home. You don’t stretch. I was really lazy about stretching for years and it wasn’t until I was 31 years old that I could successfully reach my toes. And of course when that happens you take a photo: toes

Walking is indeed a great way to maintain or improve your fitness levels. Some people loathe high intensity exercise and that’s ok. Knowing what you don’t enjoy is as important as knowing what you enjoy. Like food, it’s good to have a variety of options available keep your body challenged and to avoid boredom. Walk outside, on a treadmill, up the stairs, up a hill, down a hill, on a trail, in the city, you get my point. DSC_0436Very few people are watching you at the gym. Well maybe the staff are but that’s their job and they actually wouldn’t mind if you asked for help. Folding towels hour after hour gets rather boring. I know it’s tough for people to believe this to be true but after working in various fitness settings and coordinating a group exercise program for the better part of eight years, I believe this because:

  • No one is paying attention to you because they think you’re paying attention to them and are avoiding eye contact at all costs.
  • If anyone is looking at you it’s because they think you know how to do something better than them and they’re trying to mimic you.
  • Do you care what other people are doing? I didn’t think so.

The debate on diet versus regular soda is never ending and I will always recommend water.

Well that felt good to get off my chest! Any resemblance to persons who I have talked to, worked with, or trained is entirely coincidental.