Off The Grid


With the exception of my POUND posts I’ve been pretty quiet for the past ten months or so. I could write an entire post about why I’ve been less motivated than usual to keep up with my writing but if I’ve learned anything in the last year I’ve learned that explanations that feel obligatory usually aren’t necessary.

One thing I have had the urge to write about and share is my so-called life “off the grid.” Yes, it’s true, I don’t have a TV. Or WiFi. It isn’t until that last bit that people really gasp and say things like “so what do you do?” I know, right? What would someone do if they didn’t have unlimited access to all things web-related? Most people can live without TV (usually that revelation is followed up with “well I guess you can stream all the shows you want on your computer” quickly followed by my “well actually I can’t because I don’t have WiFi.”) but for many, the thought of living without WiFi is kind of paralyzing.

A few years back I read Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life. One of the authors suggested abandoning WiFi, among many things. I specifically remember thinking I could adhere to many of the recommendations but WiFi, I thought – no way! Well as it turns out one can live without WiFi because I have been since September.

Now I am by no means entirely off the grid, which is why it’s my so-called off the grid life. I have a new iPhone with a data plan. I have to keep an eye on how much data I use but I’ve never run out. If I need to grade for Grand View I head down to the apartment hang-out/commons and jump on the free WiFi. If I need to learn a new POUND track I do the same. If anything I’ve found that I’m more efficient with my time and actually get things done when access is limited. 

So what do I do? In no particular order I read, do crosswords, workout at the YMCA, journal, talk on the phone with my friends and family, occasionally play Scrabble or go geocaching with my boyfriend, walk outside, hang with friends, etc. See, there is life without WiFi. I’m living, breathing proof.