Spring in Shape with POUND!


It’s that time of the month – POUND registration is officially open! My spring class through DSM Public Schools Community Education is on Tuesday nights at 6:15 at Edmunds Elementary. This 60-minute class is such a fun way to rockout and workout. You are guaranteed to sweat and smile A LOT! Whether you’re entirely new to POUND or a regular, this will be a fun way to move and groove before summer madness starts.

The spring session starts Tuesday, March 29 and goes through May 17. The cost is only $39 or just slightly less than $5 per session! What I love about the Community Ed classes is that you don’t make a long-term commitment that you might with other fitness offerings and it is very affordable. The program is flexible – if you can’t make it because of travel or you know there is a conflict, we welcome to you send a friend in your place! And speaking of friends, POUND is so much more fun with friends so if you sign-up, I encourage you to sweet talk a few pals into doing the same! IMG_0241

So, what is POUND? If you aren’t familiar with this fitness format you aren’t alone – it’t not too common in Iowa – yet! I was certified two years ago and it was just announced recently that POUND Pro training is coming to Des Moines in April! I’ll post more about that later so stay tuned! In short, POUND is a super fun way to exercise that incorporates movement and music – you POUND along to the beat of music while doing a variety of exercises similar to what you’d get in a resistance training or Pilates class, all with a little help from your bright green Ripstix!

Here are my top three reasons you should sign up for POUND this month!

1. POUND is a multi-functional workout – you will get cardio, you will get core, you will get a lot of lower body resistance training!

2. You will be sore in the best way possible! Your glutes and hammies and obliques will burn – kind of like what Jessie J says in her Burnin’ Up track!

3. You will feel like a rockstar as evidenced in this photo of two of my favorite people and participants, Kodee and Megan!

KodeeSpace size is limited and registration is only open for a couple weeks so don’t wait another minute! If you go to the DSM Public Schools website you can register in just a few minutes – click on “currently scheduled courses” then “exercise and fitness” and then scroll to “POUND Rockout Workout.” P.S. My name is Johanna, not Joanna – if you know me that’s one typo that gets under my skin!

I hope you see you in class in a couple weeks – email me with any questions at johanna@hellowellness.info!