Hello July


In case you forgot or missed my post from last month, I am the new Wellness Manager at Employee & Family Resources. After one month I’m happy to report that I am adjusting well and really enjoy my new job! After being at Drake for almost eight years I thought the transition would be tougher than it has been but I feel very confident about my decision and in many ways it seems like I’ve been at EFR longer than a month. In a good way that is.

Many people who run into me around town have been asking questions about my new job and I assume those of you who haven’t seen me might be wondering some of the same things so I’ll do a recap of the most frequently asked questions I get about this new chapter in my life. This is roughly how the dialogue plays out:

FAQ 1: “Do you teach fitness classes at EFR?”
A: Nope. I do not teach for or manage a group exercise program at EFR. We actually don’t have that type of wellness program in our offerings.

FAQ 2: “So if you don’t teach fitness classes what do you do?” (expressed with shock and awe)
A: I am the Wellness Manager, which means I help other businesses (our clients with the wellness benefit) implement and enhance wellness programs in their workplaces. Remember folks, wellness is so much more than exercise! Yes, I loved the group exercise component to my job at Drake but I have other wellness-related skills, trust me! A big part of my job is developing programs for our clients and finding ways to drive participation for those with the wellness benefit.

FAQ 3: “Does this mean you can’t wear yoga pants to work?” (said with a sad face)
A: That is indeed what that translates to. It was so very nice to roll out of bed and into dressier pajamas for the past eight years but I don’t mind wearing a dress and skirt so it’s been a nice change. Change is good. Even a change in wardrobe is good.

FAQ 4: “What does this mean for Hello Wellness?”
A: Great question! This means I will no longer be providing the consultations and seminars through Hello Wellness. Don’t worry though, I will still keep my business open! POUND will go on! I’ll be ready to announce my fall dates very soon so stay tuned! My business will focus on the group exercise classes that I teach through the community ed programs. This is where I will still get my group exercise fix.

FAQ 5: Will you adjunct at Grand View?
A: Yes, as long as I have the time to make it work. Teaching is something I am very passionate about and I love helping our future wellness professionals get ready for the workforce.

So as you can tell I basically just interviewed myself but sometimes that can be fun. A few things I really enjoy about my new job include: getting to walk to work, exploring my new campus (the Skywalk and Downtown), meeting new people, having new challenges, having a window in my office, and being a member of the YMCA! I am having fun taking fitness classes that I didn’t have anything to do with planning for the first time in eight years. I am bound and determined to hit 30 classes before August 1. It’s nice being on that side of the group exercise fence. IMG_6892

I’m excited for July and the rest of the summer and the rest of the year! I hope you are having a fabulous day and stay tuned for my next post in a week or so. It’s all about popsicles. Oh and one more thing I like about my new job, this sign in the parking garage (on the days when I must drive): IMG_6852