Hello May!


Hey everyone: school’s out for summer! Do you ever see a window of opportunity where life is less hectic and proceed to come up with all these things you can do now that you have little else going on? That is what has been racing through my mind lately. Now that Drake is winding down, Grand View is over, and my POUND class is ending mid-month, I’ve had all sorts of ideas for what I can get myself into next. Everything from joining a yoga studio to taking TRX classes to already planning the fall curriculum at Grand View (trust me, this won’t be happening) to making weekend plans with friends, I’m already starting to lose sight of so-called free time.

I spent a lot of time by myself driving last weekend and in between listening to Lana Del Rey and the 90’s station on XM Radio, I did a lot of thinking. I concluded that it’s time to take some of my own advice, namely, when you say yes, you say yes to stress.

So my goal for May is to try to be home more and read more, two things that haven’t been happening much the past couple months. I think whenever a new season or new month begins you can start over with whatever goals or intentions you have. I’m completely comfortable saying no to things that don’t add value to my life and making room for the important stuff. And by stuff I mean myself and the people who mean a lot to me. I hope you can do the same!