Hello March!


A couple things happened in February that reminded me that we just never know how the day will unfold. Within 48 hours my husband was in a minor car accident (he is ok but RIP Fern the Volvo) and I choked on a clementine. By choked I mean the Heimlich was performed and I survived, thanks to Taylor, a stud employee of the Bell Center! Anyway, you just never know, do you? Be careful out there, it’s a crazy and unpredictable world. I’m ready for a new month and new season, are you?

A big goal for 2015 is to get my finances in order. You might be surprised but I have been thinking about retirement a lot lately. Even though it is three-plus decades away, it is never too early to make sure your investments are in order. I contacted a woman who advises Drake employees and she was so very helpful. If your workplace offers financial advising you must take advantage of the opportunity! Financial well-being is such a big part of being balanced and it’s the dimension of wellness where I struggle the most in regards to understanding how everything works. We all have dreams of unlimited cashflow, right? I mean look at the photo for this post, I’m fanning myself with Croatian Kunas!

March is off to a fun start and my POUND class was featured on WHO-TV (Channel 13 in DSM) as the Workout of the Week! Watch our fun video and get signed up for my class ASAP DSM friends! 

My meditation practice has continued to flourish and I’m getting some quiet time every day. I haven’t missed a day sine January 23! Some days are more difficult to quiet the mind than others and about 90% of the time I’m sitting for 20 minutes.

This month I’m focusing on healthy dinners on my Facebook page so stay tuned by clicking “like” if you haven’t done so already! Thanks for keeping in touch! Until next time…