Bike to Work Week!


If you live in Iowa, the week of May 14-18 is designated as “Bike to Work Week” and Friday, the 18th is “Bike to Work Day.” In addition to getting a workout in on both your way to and from work, biking helps reduce your carbon footprint, adds a little change to your piggybank, and perhaps reduces the stress of commuting.

If you choose to bike you really need to wear a helmet. I enjoy seeing people out and about on their bikes but I cringe whenever I see someone without a helmet. This past fall I was jogging with a friend and we came upon someone who had fallen off his bike. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and ended up getting a pretty big gash on his head. I like this brief but informative¬†article from Mayo Clinic regarding picking the right helmet.

If you can’t bike to work, bike for recreation this week! Dust off the bike, inflate your tires, strap on your helmet and away you go!