Hello February!


I don’t know about you but that was the fastest January I can recall. Usually the first month of the year is a slow one but 2015 started quickly for me. The month began by spending time with family. Even though the occasion that brought us together was my grandmother’s passing, it was a special way to start the New Year surrounded by the people I love.Family

My two intentions for this year are going well so far. If you recall, the first is to start sleeping on my back. This has been easier than I anticipated and I’ve already experienced positive results! My whole life I’ve been a really poor sleeper. I have a hard time falling asleep plus I am a very light sleeper so wake up frequently. I noticed that when I fall to sleep on my back I stay asleep longer and have better dreams! When I am really tired I can fall to sleep on my back rather quickly but on nights when I’m tossing and turning for an hour I usually resort to rolling into the worst sleeping position possible – on my stomach with one leg kicked out to the side. My other big goal for the year, eating more slowly, has been a little more difficult but I’m trying to put my fork down between bites and talk more when eating with other people.

Two books I read in January and highly recommend are #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso and Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons. In Simmons book he talks about the benefits of meditating. I am on day 12 or so and am seeing results. I’ll post more on that later! IMG_5434 IMG_5538

I crossed one adventure off my 2015 to-do list already! I tried cross country skiing. If you live in Des Moines and want to try this you can rent a set of skis from Active Endeavors. It was really fun and I only fell about three times. xcountry

My focus for the Facebook posts in February is healthy lunch ideas! I think people really responded to the breakfast ideas from January so I’ll continue to rotate through themes to help you stay healthy, happy, and well not just this month but the entire year! Check out my page and give it a like to stay up with my daily posts!