Hello 2015!


It’s a new year and that means you can start with a fresh slate, right? I’ve never been one for big resolutions but I have a few things on my to-do list for 2015! If you’ve been following my posts throughout 2014, you know that I usually have one big intention and then each month focus on something smaller but no less important. Now that we’ve turned the page to a new year, I just haven’t found that big ticket intention and you know what, I don’t care! I have lots of little things I’d like to experience and explore so I’m making 2015 the year I focus on all the small things. Here’s my list in no particular order:

Learn to sleep on my back. I tend to sleep on my stomach, which I’ve read is bad for my back and bad for my skin. I’m not a sleep expert and I’m not an expert on body alignment but I’m going to give this a try. Who doesn’t want a healthier back and better skin?

Eat more slowly. I went to a conference a couple years ago and one of the speakers really emphasized how important it is to chew food. I know this sounds ridiculous but most people eat so fast, myself included, that we probably don’t receive all the nutrients from the foods we eat. The more you chew your food, the more saliva you produce. The saliva coats the food in enzymes that promote healthier digestion. It also takes about 20 minutes for the brain and stomach to communicate feelings of satiety so eating more slowly can prevent overeating.

Those are probably the two intentions that will take the longest to adopt. I’m probably not going to make those changes overnight, although I suppose if I sleep on my back successfully at least once that would be an overnight change. Anyway, other fun things on my list include:

Try cross country skiing
Try paddle boarding
Checkout a new fitness studio and take some classes instead of teach the classes
Limit phone time before work
Stay informed on latest wellness and fitness trends

So there you have it, my little list for 2015. Because I am focusing on the small things this year, I will be using the hashtag #allthesmallthings on my Facebook page whenever I encounter something that seems really minor but has major health implications, good or bad. I have about 400 followers on my page so if you haven’t checked it out, head over there now and start following me! While I post once or twice a week to the website, I usually post once or twice a day on Facebook so I’m a little more active over there. I’m also going to try something new with my Facebook posts in that each month will have a theme. This month I’ll be posting about breakfast foods and new recipes I try. Stay tuned!

One last note: I want to thank everyone who reads my posts. I know I don’t have a huge readership but I appreciate all the nice comments I get when I talk to people and when you like or comment on something I’ve posted to Facebook , it means a lot. All the small things, right!