Greenwood 018


I’m very excited to announce my winter POUND session is opening December 9! I am going back to Des Moines Public Schools Community Education and we are rocking out in the Greenwood Gymnasium! My fall session was so much fun and I know this winter session will be even better! The winter session is eight weeks long and starts January 13. Classes are held on Tuesday nights and run 60 minutes. The cost is $42 and space is limited to 30 participants so sign up now! 10662019_10152772160457154_4457154214629627489_o

Not sure if this workout is for you? Here’s four reasons why you should give it a try:

1. It’s fun! If you’re not familiar with POUND, it is a heart-pumping cardio, core, and toning workout sure to make you feel the burn. Best of all, it’s so much fun (have I made my point?) that you won’t even realize you’re working out. I’m serious. After the class is over you will not have noticed you did hundreds of squats and lunges. When you get out of bed the next day, well that’s another story…

2. The music! This class incorporates light or heavy drumming – you pick the intensity – into various popular songs. Some are new, some are throwbacks, but all of them are fabulous.

3. You own it! That’s right, this is YOUR workout and YOU choose the intensity of your squats, lunges, jumps, POUNDING, etc. I offer a variety of modifications for each song and you can choose the level of intensity that best fits your workout needs!

4.The Greenwood Gopher. It’s pretty fun POUNDing in an elementary school gymnasium. A true throwback of sorts. Also, in case you didn’t know, this is the elementary school famous author Bill Bryson attended and later wrote about!Greenwood GopherEnough said! Now sign up and maybe recruit a friend or two!