Hello December


Welcome to the last month of the year 2014. I’m actually quite excited to welcome December as I need a break from my routine with Drake and Grand View. I’m looking forward to the semester ending, submitting grades, reading a few good books, and baking some cookies. But before I get to all of that, I must get through the next two weeks! I know I can do it as long as I prioritize and manage my time. This might mean a little less time scrolling through Twitter and posting to Instagram but with discipline I can do anything I set my mind to.

November was great and as I intended, I spent time with my family, connected with friends, and reached out to a few friends via snail mail and email. I actually found a box of keepsakes dating back to high school when my best friend Megan and I would pass notes to each other in the hallway. I mailed one of the notes she wrote me back to her, which made for a good laugh and text exchange.

For me, December is all about being mindful. I need to be mindful of how I spend my time, mindful of how much movement I get each day, and mindful of my food choices. Last December I did a little experiment at work, which was quite eye opening for some and probably very annoying for others. I took a photo of every sweet treat that made its way through the office. I believe in having a treat here and there but when you have something every day, that’s no longer considered moderation; that’s considered your lifestyle. All of that added sugar, butter, oil, and whatever else is in the decadent cookies and bars can erase the best of your wellness intentions. It’s a lot easier than you think to pack away the pounds this time of year. My advice is to focus on maintaining and not gaining!

So for December I’m committed to being mindful, which is something I try to focus on all the time but during this time of year it’s as important as ever. You have one month left to reach or exceed your wellness intentions! It’s not too late to get started.