Kitchen Essentials: Cast-Iron Skillet

Iron Skillet

Do you cook with a cast-iron skillet? I have had this kitchen essential on my wish list for about a year and received one this past Christmas. While these might be considered old-fashioned, they certainly have many perks.

First things first, cast-iron skillets are chemical free. Over the past few decades non-stick cookware has become very popular. If seasoned properly, cast-iron skillets are naturally non-stick. I was a little concerned about seasoning my skillet but it is very easy. After using it I coat it with olive oil and turn the burner on low until it starts to smoke. At this point I remove it from the burner and wipe away the oil with a paper towel.

Cooking with cast-iron skillets also leaches iron into your food which can be very beneficial, especially for people with iron deficiencies. Another benefit I’ve noticed in the past few months is that my food cooks quite evenly in my new skillet.

Do you use cast-iron? I’ve heard you can also bake treats such as cinnamon rolls in these which is certainly on my to-do list!