Peterson Holistic Services


If you’re thinking about rushing out for Black Friday sales, think again! Instead of giving the ones you love something they might not need or might tire of in six months, consider giving them the gift of holistic health! My friend, Kevin Peterson, is the owner of Peterson Holistic Services in West Des Moines. I met Kevin five years ago when he was the massage therapist at Drake University. Kevin is my go-to massage therapist in Des Moines. My wellness philosophy is very much aligned with his so I’d like to help share information about his practice in the event you’re looking to enhance your personal well-being or that of a loved one. We did a virtual Q&A and here’s the result:

Johanna: Kevin, tell me a little about Peterson Holistic Services.
Kevin: I offer Holistic Bodywork and Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching. These services are distinctly different in practice but share a common theme that underlies everything that I do as a Bodyworker and Coach. To me, Holistic Health is about doing what makes sense for you in your daily life to help you feel personally balanced and build and/or retain your resilience to physical, mental, and emotional stress.

J: How long have you been interested in bodywork and sustainable lifestyle coaching?
K: I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over eight years. My initial interest came from a realization that I had a talent for seeing the potential in people that they may not even know they possess. I was in the midst of a self-healing process that, over time, has led to 130 pounds of personal weight loss. After a couple years as a practicing LMT, I became more interested in the deeper workings of the body and body processes and went back to school at Drake University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Molecular Biology.

J: What might someone expect if they schedule an appointment with you?
K: I like to take time getting to know people and figure out how they got to where they are, what they’re experiencing, and what hopes and goals the future entails. During a Holistic Bodywork session I will look at your dynamic posture to see how your body relates to itself (ankles to knees to hips to shoulders, etc). This helps give me a frame of reference for the tension lines I discover through bodywork. After the session we will discuss how we can continue to work together to facilitate any further progression toward physical balance that makes sense for you. If someone is scheduling an appointment for Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching we would work to build and stabilize your personal base for mental and emotional stability and increase your resilience to stress and change. The process starts with compassion for yourself, who you are, where you are, and where you have been.

J: What might someone do to help create a more balanced lifestyle?
K: As stated above, it starts with compassion for and discovery of yourself. What do you need, in this present moment, to feel safe, secure, and balanced in yourself? I call this developing your inner stability. It’s about taking time to check in with yourself throughout the day and to take notes of your personal victories and struggles.

J: Who would you recommend your services to?
K: Sustainable Lifestyle Coaching would be good for anyone, 18 years and over, looking to increase their knowledge of self, sense of vitality, and facilitate meaningful and sustained personal progression. I would recommend Holistic Bodywork to anyone of any age, body type, activity level, etc. I do break down my services into various categories where approach and goal outcome may be different. They are:

  • PHS Sport – For those leading or building into an active lifestyle.
  • PHS Recovery – For those getting back into action after injury, surgery, or major illness.
  • PHS Pain Management – For those coping with long-term chronic pain and/or migraines.
  • PHS Balance – For those who feel like they have a good base and are looking to use bodywork and/or coaching to maintain their health and vitality. Through maintenance you will naturally progress.

If you’d like to contact Kevin to learn more about his services or to set up an appointment, visit his website: or call 515-829-9477. Kevin also has online gift cards available here: