Hello November


Hello and Happy November! As you recall, each month I try to focus on something small but important that I believe will enhance my well-being. In October my intention was to slow down and relax since the start of the school year was so busy. I was able to slow down a bit, but that’s one intention that I should continue to work on not only one month a year, but every day.

With it being the second to last month of 2014, and the month for giving thanks, I’m going to focus on being thankful for the wonderful people in my life by making them a priority. Hopefully I’ll see a few more friends and family than usual. If I can’t get around to seeing everyone, perhaps we’ll have phone dates or I’ll drop a card in the mail. Whatever the mode of communication, I’m going to step it up this month!

Speaking of important people, my oldest nephews turn 14 and 16 this week! I was going through photos of them from the early years and I couldn’t believe how much time has passed since they were in pre-school, or for that matter, how much time has passed since I was a college kid. I can’t even handle how small and cute they are in this photo from 2001. They’ve grown into wonderful teenagers and I’m really proud of them. Sean and Connor

Each November I have the opportunity to help with one of my favorite Drake events, Reggie’s Sleepout. I’ve worked with this organization and event for five of the past six years and really believe in what it stands for. When I was asked to help with it this year, I had to take a couple days to think about it because it falls on my nephew Sean’s birthday. I have missed so many birthdays and milestones due to distance and school or work commitments. I knew that I’d rather spend my Saturday with family than helping with Reggie’s. At first I felt really guilty but then came to my senses. I should never feel guilty for wanting to spend time with the ones I love, even when it means I am missing out on something important.

The days left in 2014 are quickly diminishing. Perhaps you should spend a moment reflecting on how it is you want to spend your time. Make the people that matter most a priority, not an option. I always try to remind myself of something author Gretchen Rubin said in her book, The Happiness Project: “The days can be long but the years are short.” Don’t let the important things slip away.