New Food Challenge (24 & 25)


I’m still plugging away on this 30 new foods before 2015 challenge. I have only five left and am confident I will get it done before the ball drops on December 31. Here’s my latest new foods!

Food #24: Daikon
And That Is: A radish also known as the long white radish
Found Where:  Dahl’s
Cost: $3.49 per pound
Health Benefits: Vitamin C!
Prepared How: Peeled, sliced, and diced before adding to vegetarian bean soup.
Yea or Nay: Meh. Not much flavor. I think I like small, red radishes better. It was pleasant but didn’t really enhance the soup. I would eat it again, however.24

Food #25: Parsnip
And That Is: A root vegetable closely related to the carrot and parsley.
Found Where:  Dahl’s
Cost: $1.99 per pound
Health Benefits: Potassium rich
Prepared How: Peeled, sliced, and diced before adding it to a pot roast along with onion and carrots.
Yea or Nay: Yay! This was really good and I’d definitely try roasting parsnips sometime. The pot roast didn’t look too pretty so I didn’t photograph it.

snip snipSo I’ve got five more foods to go and I already know what one of them is: aronia berries! I picked some up in September at the downtown farmers’ market and they’ve been in my freezer ever since! Stay tuned!