Booty Control


Photos by Dylan Huey, Huey Photography

Do you need to upgrade your booty routine? Do you even have a booty routine? Regardless of how you answered either question, I have three bootylicious exercises you can start doing to work on your beautiful backside!

Single Leg Squat – Shift weight to one leg. Keeping that leg slightly bent, slowly lower into a squat. Three things I want you to focus on while you lower and lift: knee stays behind your toes, chest stays lifted, and booty extends back.

final-9474 Single Leg Bridge – Start in traditional bridge pose. With both feet in contact with the floor, walk your fingertips towards feet to help relax shoulders. You should have your weight across your shoulders and not on neck. When you feel stable, extend one leg keeping knees parallel. Hold the bridge for about 10 seconds and then add movement – slowly lower your booty to a hover and lift back so knees are parallel. final-9463 (1)Straight Leg Lifts – From tabletop, extend one leg straight back keeping foot at glute level. Slowly lower and gently tap toes to floor and lift back to glute level. Try to keep weight distributed evenly between shoulders and foot no higher than glute level.
final-9442Of course there are many ways to work one of your most powerful muscles – the gluteus – but these are just three of my favorite that I incorporate fairly often into my Pilates or strength classes. What’s your favorite booty exercise?