Hello October


We’ve turned the page, or perhaps leaf, on a new month! I’m so excited for October. September was a busy month. I was barely home. I was exhausted physically and mentally most days due to the demands of my job. Now that we’re past some critical points in the semester I feel freer than ever!

First up to bat this month: My POUND classes start with Des Moines Publics Schools Community Education! There is still space in my POUND class so if you would like to join, do so before the 4th of October! I am so excited to share this experience with people in the community. Watch out Des Moines, POUND is going to blow you away!POUND 1

My September intention was probably the most beneficial thing I’ve done all year. If you recall, I committed to cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing. Actually, organizing is just rearranging a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need so I didn’t do too much of that. I did get rid of a lot of items that were useless to me but could be useful to others. The things that weren’t useful for anyone were recycled or trashed. Here’s what I realized as I was going through boxes and totes and closets:

  • I keep things for the wrong reasons and those reasons are primarily sentimental. Example: “I got this shirt at the1998 Nine Lives Aerosmith concert tour. I haven’t worn it since 1999 but still…”
  • After I got rid of a third of my clothes and shoes I actually found I had more to wear. I repeat, I got rid of a third of my clothes and shoes and have more to wear!
  • There are a lot of items around my house that serve no purpose other than they either need dusting or create frustration when I’m trying to put dishes away. Goodbye random mugs, pizza pans, and cookie cutters I never use!
  • I never realized until now how much stress/pressure e-mails can create. This past month I have unsubscribed from emails from every social network, magazine, and charity I’ve subscribed and/or donated to. It has been really helpful. It’s de-cluttered my online life!
  • My memories are not in things, my memories are within me. If I’m keeping something for the sheer memory, it’s time to let go.

In October I’m going to slow down. That’s it. I’m slowing down. I’ll enjoy my meals because so many of the meals this past month have been on the go. I’ll enjoy the paper or book I’m reading because I have nowhere else to be. I’ll enjoy being in the company of friends who I haven’t seen in years. I’ll enjoy a trip to my hometown to see my dad. It’s going to be a great month!

P.S. Mom, don’t worry, I didn’t get rid of any family memorabilia. I wouldn’t do such a thing. Thanks for reading my posts!