New Foods (19-21)!


It’s been quite a while since I provided a new foods update but never fear, I’ve been slowly chipping away at my intention to try 30 new foods in 2014. Before I get into the details, I must remind you that I recently went on a vacation where I set aside some of my healthier habits and ate doughnuts for breakfast. I cannot guarantee that two of the three foods listed below should be part of a healthy eating regime but you know what? Oh well.

Food #19: Pattypan Squash
And That Is: A variety of summer squash
Found Where:  Gateway Market
Cost: $2.50
Health Benefits: Like all summer squash, this is a great source of vitamins. It’s also rich in magnesium
Prepared How: Sautéed in a pan with red onions and garlic
Yea or Nay: Nay. I’m not sure if it was the way I prepared it or the fact I had been taking a medication that gave me a metallic taste in my mouth around the time I tried this but I just didn’t dig it. I love summer and winter squash so was really surprised. I think I’ll give it another go around prepared differently before I write it off as a fruit I don’t care to eat.
Side Note: When I purchased said item I thought I was purchasing some kind of exotic eggplant. You see, it was mislabeled at Gateway so the next week, when I visited, I realized my mistake. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find any images online matching what I thought I purchased to what I had indeed purchased. squash


Food #20: Sweet Mango Bubble Tea
And That Is: A super sugary beverage that contains delicious, chewy tapioca pearls. Native to Taiwan and commonly found at Asian restaurants, think a distant cousin to a not so healthy smoothie.
Found Where:  A food truck in Portland
Cost: I was on vacation so cost didn’t matter! Maybe $4 or so?
Health Benefits: I doubt there could be any. Should we label this health risks instead? It had a lot of sugar. A lot. Oh no; its Wikipedia entry contains health concerns. I can’t read any further.
Yea or Nay: In all honestly it was delicious but I just couldn’t drink something like this very often.
Side Note: In this somewhat blurry photo I am beaming with pride more so because I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich from a grilled cheese food truck (Grilled Cheese Grill). It was as heavenly as it sounds! Bubble Tea

Food #21: Lavender
And That Is: A flowering plant
Found Where:  Salt & Straw
Cost: I really have not idea how much this cost because again, I was on vacation!
Health Benefits: Lavender has lots of health benefits and I’m sure many of them were negated when I ate it in the form of ice cream. I’ll do an entire post on lavender at another date.
Prepared How: In the form of ice cream, Honey Lavender to be exact! The lavender gives it a slightly sweet, floral flavor.
Yea or Nay: I love ice cream and I didn’t mind the taste of lavender so I give it two thumbs up!
Side Note: On this day, my last day of vacation, I ate my dessert first. I usually don’t do this but there is almost always a line out the door and down the street for this ice cream place in Portland but when we walked by there was no line. I repeat, there was no line. How could we not have indulged in a late afternoon treat? Also, this was the most beautiful color of ice cream ever.Lavender

So I’ve got a few more to go before I reach 30! Will I reach 30? I can only hope. I’m still thankful my friend Erin talked me off the 50 new foods cliff I was about to jump from last December. Coming up next is aronia berries. I’m up for suggestions so please share!