Ready to POUND?


Winter pound session starts January 13! Registration open december 9. Mark your calendars!

Last February I trekked to Kansas City on a lovely afternoon (only to trek back through a blizzard) to become a certified POUND Pro! If you’re unfamiliar with POUND, it is the latest and greatest workout sweeping the nation. Actually, it’s become worldwide so it’s the latest and greatest workout sweeping the world! It incorporates lightly weighted drumsticks called Ripstix, which allow you to move to the beat of your own workout. This class provides a great cardio and core challenge all while pounding away any stress you might have. POUND

I was first introduced to POUND at the ECA Thrive conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last fall. I immediately fell in love with POUND and was determined to find a training within a reasonable distance from Des Moines. It just so happened that there was one coming up in KC so I jumped on the opportunity to learn a new skill set and start POUNDING! After being an instructor of step, Pilates, toning classes, bootcamp, and occasional yoga for the past 12 years, it’s been truly refreshing to be teaching a revolutionary format that brings smiles and sweat to everyones face during class!

I’m happy to report that I’ll be teaching POUND through Des Moines Public Schools Community Education program this fall. My class is on Tuesday nights from 6-7 PM and is held at Greenwood Elementary (just off 37th and Grand Avenue). The six-week session starts October 7 and goes through November 11 and the cost is $35. Yes, you read that right, only $35!

Here’s what to expect from my class:

  • A fun, upbeat workout that can be modified to meet your individual fitness levels and needs
  • Some of today’s most popular music as well as a few throwback tracks
  • Lots of smiles and sweating

I’m serious when you say you don’t even realize you’re working out. It is so much fun. I have been teaching at Drake through the group exercise program I oversee since June and people who normally don’t take group exercise have fallen in love with POUND. IMG_3438

If you are in the Des Moines area and want to know more about this class, email me at To sign up, you go directly through DSM Public School Community Adult Education website! The link doesn’t go directly to the registration page so click on “currently scheduled courses” and then “exercise and fitness.”

If you’re stuck in an exercise or routine or rut and need to re-energize as the seasons are about to change, I challenge you to try my six week class! I’d love to meet you and get more people in Des Moines POUNDING!Greenwood 018