Hello August


Yes, it’s already a third of the way into the month of August and I’m now just getting around to this post. We went to the Pacific Northwest for a 10-day break from routine. It was an amazing trip and I tried to disconnect a bit while I was gone. If you’ve never been to this part of the country it is amazing! It was our first time and we enjoyed several sights in Portland, Seattle, around the Olympic National Park, and Victoria, British Columbia. Mt. Hood

Before I present my August intention I want to do a mini recap of July, or rather admit that I did not meet part of my July goal. I intended to water jog at the pool six times and rollerblade four times. The rollerblading was a cinch but the pool, not so much. July in Iowa wasn’t a great month for the pool. We had a cold front mid-month and it got down to the low 70’s for the high (initially I had cold front in quotations but I think it was literally a cold front so no need for those). I managed to get to the pool three times. I definitely could have made it three more times towards the end of the month but I ended up with a cold and chose rest over pushing myself. I’ve learned that when I’m on the verge of illness I need to hydrate, rest, and sleep. It worked and I was well for our trip! Sometimes, no matter how great your intentions, you won’t reach your goals. Occasionally those reasons are out of your control and you just have to commend yourself for trying anyway. I will get to the pool three more times this summer come rain or shine!

On vacation I did mini exercise routines and a few minutes of yoga each day. I enjoyed it so much that I am going to continue this for the remainder of August. I played around with some of my favorite no-equipment moves like speed skaters, jump squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, and various yoga poses. It was really refreshing and gave me a little boost of energy each day! lunges triangle

While I usually don’t do exercise-related intentions consistently, I feel this is what I need most in my life right now. Especially after the Portland food trucks, a few mornings of doughnuts, and little more ice cream than I normally consume!doughnuts