Alligator Eggs


You can breathe easy, this post isn’t about real alligator eggs. The Hass avocado, aka the alligator pear, is a healthy addition to any meal. High in fiber, heart-healthy unsaturated fat, and Vitamins C and K, avocados should definitely be on your next grocery list.

I really enjoy eating eggs and they are a staple in my diet. Having tired of the hard-boiled, scrambled, cupcake, and sunny side-up variety, my last egg-based meal was an egg in an avocado, or what I like to call an alligator eggs just because it sounds fun. This is another easy but very tasty idea for your next Meatless Monday dinner, breakfast, or post-workout snack.

Alligator Eggs How-To
Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
Slice one Hass avocado and remove the seed.*
Squeeze a slice of lime over the avocado
Crack an egg and place in the avocado
Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper to taste
Top with cheese of your choice
Bake in an iron-skillet or other pan for approximately 14-18 minutes depending on how firm you take your eggs.

*I recommend scooping out some of the avocado so you have a bit more room for the egg.