Hello July!


It’s hard to believe it is already July and that the 4th is tomorrow! So far my summer is off to a great start and I’m happy to report that my mini intention for June was both successful and eye opening. If you recall, (of course you don’t recall, why should you remember what’s going on in my life when you’ve got so much going on in yours?) I decided that I would dedicate time each morning to something productive and to limit time wasted on my phone (Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). All I have to say is wow, I can get a lot done when I put my mind to it. Mornings are my favorite and most productive time of day and now that I’ve gotten into the habit of reading, exercising, cleaning, or doing Hello Wellness work first thing in the day, it just feels like part of my routine. That will be trickier as the school year approaches but I’ve still got several weeks of morning productivity ahead of me!

Other than celebrating my birthday, my favorite part of June was when my brother and his family came to visit! They hadn’t been here since 2006 so we had a lot of fun exploring all the great things Des Moines has to offer. Here’s just a few snapshots of my favorite parts of their visit:

Visiting the Arts Festival, my all-time favorite DSM event! Arts

Going inside the Capitol! It was my first time inside this beautiful monument. I’m kind of embarrassed I’ve lived in DSM for 10 years and have never ventured further than the steps. I’ll definitely be back. photo (11)

Jasper Winery Summer Concert Series! We had a short window of storm-free opportunity and took advantage of it!

photo (10)In addition to my brother coming to visit, my sister brought her family up so I was with both my brother and sister for the first time since 2007! This also means I had my favorite seven people in the entire world with me at once!  kids2

photo (12)After a week of fun and some indulgences with family, I’m ready to get on track for July by committing to taking part in some of my favorite summer activities: rollerblading and water jogging! I recently got a pool pass that I’d like to use more of so I’m committing to biking to the pool six times in July to water jog and I’m also committing to four trips to Gray’s Lake for rollerblading excursions. I’ll keep you posted! I believe this is a realistic goal, mother nature pending.



  • Annie Kimberley Novak

    we will join you at the pool if you like! 🙂 and have not toured the capital since I was small. I bet J would like it…

    • HelloWellness

      Any of the DSM Public Pools would be fun, Annie! Also, I’d like to do the Capitol again so we can do a mini adventure with J!