Hello May!


It’s a new month already! May is one of my favorite months of the year for a few reasons: lilacs are in bloom, the farmers’ market season starts (see photo of me with my all-time favorite farmers’ market treat: the apple cider doughnut!), and it marks the beginning of summer for me at Drake! Lilacs

April was a busy month for me! Because I anticipated higher than usual stress levels, my goal for April was to do something each day to help me relax and unwind. Overall I was very successful and the events that could have caused a lot of stress (Grand View finals and Relays being the same week) came and went without any major hiccups.

One of the more stressful events in April was the night we called 911 because we thought a burglar was on the roof. In bed one Friday night we heard a really loud noise coming from the bathroom. This noise was loud enough that it sounded like someone could have been in house. Doubting that was the case, my husband went to investigate and quickly returned telling me to call the cops as we had a burglar on the roof. In a panic whisper scream (you know what I’m talking about, right?) I got myself together enough to dial 911 and tell the operator exactly what was going on. After five minutes the police officer arrived and caught the perpetrator, a large raccoon, who decided to camp out on our roof for a while. If you’re wondering how we could have mistaken a raccoon for a human the answer is privacy glass. Our bathroom window has privacy glass which you can’t see through very well. That would be why we had such a hard time describing said burglar to the 911 dispatcher. The only thing we had was “short hair, most likely male.” Fun times! Thankfully this stressor lasted less than 30 minutes. RockyMay will be full of lots of fun gardening and yard work, which will be my main post-work activity and where I’ll spend most of my weekends. I don’t mind though! Here’s a glimpse of what I did over the course of three days in April: LeavesOne thing I’d like to work on this month is financial well-being. I think it’s time to register a Mint account and try to establish a summer budget so we can go on a vacation come August!

Enjoy the beginnings of spring! What is in your plans for this beautiful month?