Hello April!


Hello to a new month! In March my intent was to focus on my business, Hello Wellness. I actually had a successful month with the business in terms of making connections, doing a presentation, and just getting ideas down on paper. If you don’t know much about my business, check out this page on my website. In short, if you or someone you know is looking for a wellness presenter, I offer a lot of fun and educational presentations for businesses or groups. If you work somewhere that is trying to start a wellness program, I offer consulting services to help get the wellness wheels rolling. Contact me if you have any further questions or if you know of someone needing a little Hello Wellness!

April is a busy month for me at my full-time job and my part-time job. Yes, I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and a business. If you’re thinking I’m crazy it’s ok; I’ve thought that too. Somehow I’m able to manage everything but it definitely takes a lot of intention! Because April is the month of the Drake Relays, I know I’ll be very busy in the coming weeks getting everything ready for the volunteers that help us out. Grand View is wrapping up their spring semester so I’ll be doing a lot of grading and reading/responding to assignments. Because of all of this, I think the best intention for April is: do one small thing each day to de-stress. So far this is what I’ve been able to do since April 1:

4/1: Attend Porgy and Bess! Ok, this was actually a big way to de-stress but it was so fun to go out to the Civic Center on a weeknight! Thanks to my friends Mike and Susan for the great tickets!

4/2: Watch one of my favorite TV shows, New Girl! I rarely see this when it airs so I’m several episodes behind but I laugh out loud each time I spend 22 minutes with Jess, Nick, Coach, and Winston.

4/3: I journaled in my favorite book! 365 things to write about really gets me relaxed. I only wrote for 10 minutes but it was just what I needed before turning in for the night!

4/4: I spent some time with my lovely best friend Erin today! She teaches yoga at Drake and so I attended her class but we were able to catch up and talk about some important things before our practice. Sometimes all you need is a little love and hugs from your friends!

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I think it’s also a good month for me to be reminded of a few things that can cause stress:

  • Be mindful of the attitude of those around you. Attitudes are very contagious. Is mine worth catching? Is the attitude of my friends, family, or colleagues worth catching?
  • Some aspects of my life are beyond my control. It’s very freeing once that is understood and accepted.
  • When I say yes, I say yes to stress. Don’t overcommit.

Let’s hope April showers (rain, not snow) bring May flowers!