Food Challenge Continued (7,8, & 9)


This past month has gone quickly but I was able to try three new foods! In addition to trying new foods, I’ve been able to learn some new things along the way, which is really my favorite part of this challenge. The first new food was bulgar, which I’ve had in restaurants but have never cooked at home. The second was yuca, which I ordered as a side when I was visiting Ames this past weekend, and the third was an ataulfo mango, which tastes so much better than the Tommy Atkins mangoes I usually purchase. Here’s a brief rundown of each food!

Food #7: Bulgar
And That Is: Groats from wheat durum. What is a groat? A groat is a hulled kernel; beyond that I’m not sure.
Found Where: Campbell’s
Cost: About $2 for one pound
Health Benefits: High in fiber and a low glycemic index food.
Prepared How: Cooked and added to a bulgar and beef dish.
Yea or Nay: Yea! This was so much easier to cook than rice or quinoa. It is definitely a lower maintenance grain, i.e. it takes less time to cook than other grains. I really enjoyed its texture as well. I’ll definitely get this again.

BulgarFood #8: Yuca, in the form of yuca fries.
And that is: Also known as cassava, a root native to South America. Get this: tapioca is also made from cassava. I never knew that and probably wouldn’t have come across that info had I not tried yuca.
Found Where: Cafe Beaudelaire in Ames! You must go to this restaurant. It’s just on Lincoln Way and is very cozy with a great menu. It’s a Brazilian bar/restaurant offering a lot of different choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I went with the Beaudelaire Bauru sandwich and I’m telling you this might have been the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. My life people. It had peas on it. Peas!
Cost: I can’t recall but the fries were maybe $2 extra.
Health Benefits: The way I ate it (fried), probably not good. It’s a starch, so a carbohydrate; very similar to potatoes.
Prepared How: Fried, which is an unusual way for me to eat something but I made an exception to my usual rule.
Yea or Nay: Meh. I know, just kind of between yea and nay. It’s very starchy, like potatoes, which I don’t like. It was just ok. But that sandwich…YuccaFood #9: Ataulfo Mango
And That Is: Apparently the veal of mangoes. It’s called a baby mango or a honey mango. It’s not really a baby, just a different cultivar from the Tommy Atkins variety that is usually stocked in the U.S.
Found Where: Gateway Market
Cost: $1.39
Health Benefits: It’s a fruit! High in Vitamin C and fiber!
Prepared How: Sliced it up and had it as a side for dinner.
Yea or Nay: Yea! I’ll be honest, I’ve never really loved mangoes. I think they taste good but they’d never make a top 10 list of favorite fruits. Well guess what, I’ve been eating the wrong kind of mango. The Tommy Atkins is just ok but these ataulfo babies are heavenly. Mango