Food 6 of 30: Jicama


Last week I saw this potential new food item sitting alongside the tomatoes and avocados at Hy-Vee and decided it would be worth a try. Its name: Jicama, pronounced “He-ka-ma,” also known as the Mexican potato (or so that’s what its sticker says). Unlike the other foods I’ve been trying and making at home, I know for certain I’ve never had this at a restaurant so it was indeed 100% new to me!IMG_3048After taking off the sticker, I gave it a good rinsing and scrubbing and then peeled its skin away. It kind of reminded me of a potato, which I don’t like. Yes, you read that correctly, I don’t like potatoes. Mashed, baked, twice baked, fried, none of them are my friends. Anyway, I peeled away all of the skin, removed some dark spots and it was ready to slice!
IMG_3049 Again, kind of looks like a large, round potato! IMG_3050 I really didn’t know what to do with my jicama so asked my Facebook followers for suggestions. A few people chimed in that they enjoy it in salads so that’s what I did! I found a recipe for a citrus, avocado, and jicama salad. It was very refreshing and I’d definitely recommend it for a spring or summer salad!

Food #6: Jicama
And That Is: Well technically Pachyrhizus erosus but someone thought of renaming it jicama for everyone’s sake; a root vegetable commonly grown and eaten in Mexico.
Found Where: Hy-Vee
Cost: $1.50
Health Benefits: High in fiber! It’s also high in carbohydrates, like potatoes.
Prepared How: Sliced it up and added it to a salad!
Yea or Nay: Yea! I did enjoy its crunchy texture. Flavor-wise it’s pretty bland but it went nicely with the salad I made.
IMG_3053Have you had Pachyrhizus erosus, I mean jicama? How do you prepare it? I think it would also go nicely with some Greek yogurt dip!