Hello March!


It’s March, which means we will hopefully see more sunshine, fewer flurries, and temperatures above freezing in the Midwest. To say it’s been a long winter is so much of an understatement. During February I focused on adding push-ups to my daily routine, mainly to keep me warm. I’m only kind of kidding. Enough about the weather. If you can’t change it, don’t let it get you down, right? I picked a photo of beautiful flowers because no matter how cold it is today, spring is around the corner!

As I was completing my daily push-ups this past month I was surprised to find how difficult it is to get past 40 without stopping. I used to be able to crank out 50 quite easily but I’m getting older and I no longer do as many push-ups to fatigue as I once did. Three important takeaways from this challenge that might help you put some fitness goals in perspective:

1. The body changes with age. While I’m still young, I’m not as young as I was in college when I was hitting my personal records for push-ups. You’ll only ever be as young as you are at this moment, so don’t waste time. Get moving and work hard.
2. If you stop doing something or cut back, which I have done with push-ups, you will no longer be able to do it as well as you once did.
3. Push-ups are a great total body workout! I think I’ll keep doing these every day.

For March I am focusing on occupational wellness. In addition to working at Drake, I am an adjunct at Grand View and working on getting my own business, Hello Wellness, up and running. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be an exhibitor at the Inspired Locally event in April and will be bringing POUND fitness classes to a venue to be announced in DSM very soon – hopefully in just a month or six weeks! I’m also going to work on growing my Facebook audience so if you haven’t stopped by my page, please check it out, “like’ it, and share with your friends! I actually post on that page once or twice a day so if you enjoy my website content you’ll enjoy following me on Facebook!

What are your March goals? It’s that time of year when resolutions or intentions might be going by the wayside. What can you do to keep you well-being a priority?