Girl Scout Cookie Challenge!

Girl Scout Cookie Workout

They’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere! Who am I talking about? Cute as a button little girls asking, “would you like to support my troop and purchase a box of Girl Scout Cookies? Please?” How could I resist, huh? I remember those days of walking door to door asking people if they’d like to support local Troop 22 from Lansing, Iowa. Let’s just say sales was never a career path for me.

This year I only purchased two boxes; one Thin Mint and one Caramel DeLites. I actually set a personal record as I haven’t opened the Thin Mints and have only had a couple Caramel DeLites. Over the past two years I’ve really eliminated a lot of sugar from my diet and no longer crave sweets like I once did. Also, when I eat something like this I usually get that not so good feeling of a sugar high proceeded by a crash and burn. It makes me wonder, did I feel like this most of the time and not realize it way back when?

Anyway, if you were caught by a cutie and ended up purchasing a box, or two, or three, or whatever that magic number is, do my Girl Scout Cookie Challenge Workout! It will help rid you of some of the guilt. This workout is designed per box but if you are extra ambitious, you can change it to an exercise per cookie. I’ll let you decide.

Have fun!Girl Scout Cookie Workout