Food Challenge 4 of 30: Papaya


While it may seem odd to some, I’ve never had papaya. I was putting on a presentation for my full-time job at Drake about fruit and wanted to make something with fruits that we don’t commonly eat in the Midwest. I decided to do a tropical salsa which in all honesty turned my kitchen into a category five tropical storm.IMG_2918

When I went to the grocery store I had to Google how to select a ripe papaya (skin should be turning from green to yellow and you should be able to make a little indentation with your thumb in the flesh) and when I got home I had to Google how to cut one. For your information, the first hit that will come up on Google entails 13 steps. This immediately prompted me to Tweet about how the papaya is a high maintenance fruit. In case you’re wondering, I eliminated about half of those steps so either that article was wrong or I’m really good at slicing papaya. I’d like to think it’s the latter.

Moving on, click here for a link to the tropical salsa which I highly recommend you try! It was delicious! As for the papaya, I didn’t really care for it alone but in the salsa it added a lot of flavor.IMG_2915

Food #4: Papaya
And that is: A fruit native to Mexico and South and Central America
Found where: Hy-Vee
Cost: $3
Health Benefits: Full of Vitamin A which is great for your skin and eyes
Prepared How: I sliced it up and then added it to the tropical salsa but I would imagine many people eat it plain or add to other fruit dishes.
Yea or Nay? Nay when eaten on its own and yea if added to a fruit salad or salsa!  IMG_2922Do you enjoy papaya or other tropical fruits? I will admit this was a fun treat to have in the dead of winter. It made me think of somewhere warmer with lots of sunshine.

  • KimPfannebecker

    What did you dip into the salsa? I imagine something other than tortilla chips, right?

    • Johanna

      I did eat them with tortilla chips! It was a good salty/sweet combo. The next time we get together I’ll make some tropical salsa!

    • HelloWellness

      I did use regular tortilla chips, Kim! It was a nice sweet/salty combination. The next time we get together I’ll make some tropical salsa!