Food Challenge 3 of 30: Melorange


Do you ever crave summer produce in the dead of winter? Right now I could go for fresh berries, watermelon, or some tomatoes but instead I’ve been getting by on clementines, apples, and bananas for the past three months. I was shopping last weekend and saw these cute little meloranges on sale. Having never heard of a melorange, I decided to try it. I will admit I was motivated to purchase this because it was very cute and I thought it might trick me into feeling like it was summer. Not so much.

Here’s what’s up with the meloranges:
Food #3: Melorange
And that is: A fruit belonging to the melon family. Very similar to cantaloupe but smaller, darker orange, and sweeter. A little web browsing indicates it’s a product of seed breeding.
Found where: I found mine at Hy-Vee but let’s be real, it probably came from South America
Cost: $3
Health benefits: Being a fruit, it contains vitamins and fiber. A better fix for your sweet tooth than, say, Skittles.
Prepared How: Just sliced her up!
Yea or Nay? Nay. I don’t like cantaloupe which is basically what this tastes like. I thought, “hey, maybe I’ll like this better than cantaloupe,” but nope, not a chance. Melon

So not every food will be a winner. I think I’ll stick with watermelon since that’s really the only melon I enjoy. At least I know what a melorange is and won’t buy one again! On a side note, is anyone else annoyed that when you go to a restaurant and order a side of fruit, it’s basically two red grapes, five pieces of cantaloupe, and three pieces of muskmelon? Just me? Didn’t think so.