Hello February!


It’s already February! My year is off to a fairly productive start as I hit my mini intention for January – cleaning and de-cluttering the house. I found a lot things to donate to those in need and found things I should simply recycle/throw away because they’re no longer functional or serving enough of a purpose to keep around. Sometimes the physical clutter we keep can cause a lot of emotional clutter so consider that if you need motivation to start a cleaning project!

My overall goal for 2014 is off to a decent start. I’ve posted about two new foods I tried, kimchi and leeks and I’ll be posting about my third food in a day or two. I feel confident these numbers will pick up when the farmers’ markets begin in the spring but until then I’m slowly chipping away and having fun finding new things to try.

On to February! This month I’m doing a push-up challenge for myself. You might not know this but I won a push-up competition in college! Ok, the only person who knows this is probably my friend Sarah who witness this miraculous event. I did 73 push-ups, on my toes. I’m not entirely confident I’ll be able to crank out that many but I’m going to commit to push-ups every night before bed. Here’s a few of my favorite push-up videos in case you want to join me in this fun challenge!

What do you have in mind as we start the second month of 2014? Do tell!