The Skinny on Drinking


With the weekend coming up, many of you might have plans that involve a few celebratory drinks. Whether you’re staying in and enjoying a glass of wine or heading out with some friends for happy hour, you need to remember that alcohol has calories and depending on what you’re drinking, those calories can add up fast!

When people are trying to maintain or lose weight I always ask them what they drink throughout the day. I think a lot of times people neglect to consider the calories they consume via drinks–pop, juice, coffee concoctions, and of course, alcohol. While it can be easy to track the amount of calories in beer and wine, mixed drinks and shots are another story.

Here are some calorie counts for common bar selections according to the University of Illinois’ McKinley Health Center:

Long Island Ice Tea: 8.3 oz: 276 calories
Rum and Coke: 12 oz: 207 calories or 97 calories if using Diet Coke
Mojito: 3.5 oz: 149 calories
Margarita: 8 oz: 371 calories
Three Wise Men shot: 1.5 oz: 99 calories
Jäger Bomb: 9 oz: 213 calories

While there’s nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing with a drink, don’t let your hard work go by the wayside this weekend! Enjoy in moderation and be safe!