The Temptations


If you recall, one of my goals for December was to cut back on sweets so that I can truly enjoy and indulge a little Christmas week. Because I don’t keep many things in the house that are tempting, I decided the place I would need to be extra cautious of is my workplace. This time of year we’re getting a lot of gifts in the form of food and if one is not careful, it’s an easy path to mindless eating. I thought it would be fun to document my temptations so without further ado, here’s what December 5-19 looked like in my office! And yes, some colleagues were probably annoyed with my little project while others were excited to tell me when something new arrived.

December 4: Doughnuts! I love doughnuts but I’m kind of particular about my doughnuts and none of these seemed terribly tempting so I passed when they went around the office the first time and then passed again that afternoon.

IMG_2395December 5: We have a meeting and someone brings us a big cookie! I’m feeling under the weather so decide not to take any. Fifteen minutes after the cookie is opened I find it looking like this. It was a crowd pleaser! IMG_2402

December 6: We have a lot of cookies in the office today! I’m still not feeling well and know that sugar won’t get me on the road to recovery. Pass!IMG_2411

December 9: I’m thrilled by the sight of my colleague’s famous Scotcheroos! She makes the best Scotcheroos! They are legendary in the department. I see these in the morning but adhere to my plan of no sweets before lunch. After lunch they are gone. I’m a little sad. We get an even bigger cookie later in the afternoon but I’m not a big fan of frosting so walk away. On a side note: the name Vital Signs is awesome! IMG_2448IMG_2451December 10: Not sure what’s going on here but apparently concessions needed to unload some Twizzlers? I like either really cheap licorice (Red Vines) or really high end licorice and actually can’t stand Twizzlers. This one was easy to pass up.

IMG_2459December 11: A big apple that’s basically like a Snickers bar wrapped around the apple. I see this late in the afternoon and decide I should eat my apple that’s not covered in caramel and chocolate first. I take my picture and forget about it. IMG_2469

December 12: Someone brought cronuts! I didn’t even know you could get a cronut in Des Moines. I’m not feeling100% and don’t think this will make me any better. Maybe next time, cronut. Also, the frosting kind of grosses me out. IMG_2473

December 13: Flowers! We received lovely flowers from someone today! More people should send flowers this time of year. They lasted almost one week and made the conference room beautiful!

IMG_2474December 16: Someone brought in home made treats! They look delicious but again, I see these in the morning and adhere to my no sweets before lunch. After lunch they were pretty well picked over. I always think it’s really thoughtful when someone shares their home-made treats in the office. I would have made an exception for these but didn’t have the opportunity. IMG_2507

December 17: Ok folks, this day was pretty phenomenal in terms of office treats. I just made a collage to show you instead of pasting all the photos individually. On this day I didn’t make it in the workroom until late morning. I had to teach a fitness class at 12:15 and therefore couldn’t really eat a lot. Well I could have but I would have been really uncomfortable in Pilates! IMG_2526

December 18: I promise not to take any photos as today is the annual gift exchange and I think it’s cool to have treats on this day. I take part in the festivities.

December 19: Another big stash of homemade treats. People who do this are very thoughtful and these were particularly tempting but I just walked away.

IMG_2535Now that the week is coming to a close and I’m off for the remainder of the month I’d have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for turning down so many delectable sweets. With today being Friday I’ll probably have a snack or two to celebrate the end of the working year!

A few things I’d like to note: I’m not a fun hater nor do I abstain from treats 100% of the time. I do, however, think mindless eating is a big problem and can really get people off track of their wellness goals. In this timeframe I actually made red currant brownies for a friend at work who loves red currants. I did enjoy a few of those myself and regret not taking a photo of their beauty.

Enjoy treats this season but do it mindfully. Here’s some I made just a few nights ago: IMG_2513