Kitchen Wish List


If you’re coming down to the wire and can’t think of what you want to ask for this holiday season or what you might want to give, think about what might get you and yours better acquainted with the kitchen or what might inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen. Over the years I’ve purchased and received some items that I now can’t imagine cooking without. Here are my top four items for the kitchen and the four I’d like to receive!

Wood Cutting Boards – I’ve slowly tried eliminating as much plastic as possible from my kitchen. One thing I got rid of in the past year were my plastic cutting boards. I find that the wood ones are easier to clean, they don’t get damaged by knives, and as long as I keep them oiled they stay in nice shape. It’s hard to get rid of all plastics but so far I have eliminated plastic utensils (spatulas, mixing spoons etc.), measuring cups, cutting boards, and storage containers. It’s at least a place to start! Boards

Ceramic Knives – A few years back I receive a ceramic paring knife and now that’s what I prefer for cutting fruits and veggies. They are sharp, easy to clean, and some even come with a little cover which is perfect when I need to add this to my lunchbox.Knives

Food Processor – Another gift I received a few years ago was my food processor. I actually don’t know how I managed for so long without one of these. I use it to make everything from salsa to hummus to pizza dough to shredding cheese to chopping vegetables. This is one plastic part of my kitchen accessories I won’t be getting rid of.Processor

Cast Iron Skillets – I absolutely love my cast iron skillets because they are multi-functional! I can use them on the stove or I can bake with them in the oven. If you are a vegetarian or don’t eat a lot of meat you might be low in iron. The cast iron skillets will fortify your food with iron, or so that’s what the studies show. You also don’t need to use as much oil when cooking with these and they don’t have any chemical “non-stick” properties. Skillet

Things on my kitchen wish list this year include:

A kitchen scale. I’ve heard that measuring ingredients, specifically for baking, by weight is more accurate than using the cup system.

Kitchen Shears. I already have one pair but would like another since I use these a lot and the pair I have is usually in the sink!

A food dehydrator. I only want one of these because I want to start drying my own fruits and vegetables. The only drawback and reason why I didn’t actually ask for one is that they take up so much space. Maybe in a different lifetime or bigger kitchen!

A new stove and refrigerator. Again, not a realistic wish but my appliances are really old plus it would be nice to have light again in my refrigerator. It’s a long story and yes, we’ve replaced the bulb and the switch. It’s something a little more serious and not worth the repair. That being said, I’m usually taken aback when I open someone else’s refrigerator – “oh, it’s so bright, I can see so much!” It used to drive me crazy but now I really can’t imagine what a lit up refrigerator would be like.

What’s on your kitchen wish-list?

P.S. The cover photo is a blast from the past! It’s a place in DSM called Funky Finds and is set up like a little apartment in the basement where you can go from room to room and relive the past! The kitchen was definitely my favorite part. It made me think of what cooking in the 50’s and 60’s would have been like.