Goodbye 2013!


As 2013 closes I’m excited to say it’s been a wonderful year full of many adventures and wellness accomplishments. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the things that didn’t happen or the things you wish would have happened differently but positive thoughts create action and inspiration so I encourage you to take a gander back on your year and find five things you are excited about or proud of. Here’s my top five of 2013!

Adventures: If I had to pick the highlight of my year it was taking a vacation to Spain with my dad. This was the first time we’d ever traveled together and hopefully not the last.  Dad

I also visited two new cities this year! Erin and I went to St. Louis for a Josh Ritter concert. We enjoyed the city and had fun doing a few touristy shots near the Arch! Arch

Forrest and I went to San Antonio where we visited the Alamo, Riverwalk, and indulged in some yummy Tex-Mex food! San Antonio

Family: This year I spent Thanksgiving with my Dunlevy family for the first time since 1999! It was really fun and special to be with them and I hope it’s not that long before the next big get together!1397389_10152047240288905_724947106_o

I saw my brother for the first time in almost three years! Again, I’m hoping that much time doesn’t pass between our next visit. He hasn’t gotten any shorter and I haven’t grown so we look pretty much the same!David

Spiritual: My monthly goal for September was to begin meditating each day for 10 minutes. I found this to be very calming and while at first it seemed difficult to do nothing for 10 minutes but relax and clear my mind or think positive thoughts, it has truly enhanced my well-being and now I look forward to it each day! meditate

Business: I’m really excited that my business has grown in 2013 and now I need to get serious about a business plan and finding ways to market myself! If you know of any small businesses in central Iowa that are looking for a wellness consultant or wellness programming, please let them know about me! Stress

Physical: I can touch my toes! Repeat, this was the year of all years of my life that I have been able to touch my toes! I think the reason for this is twofold: I started stretching a lot more and I was introduced to Rolfing with Frank Epstein. I highly recommend a visit with Frank if you are having any alignment or structural issues. toes

RolfingOn a side note, each year I set one big wellness goal and in 2013 that was to recycle more paper. I used to never recycle receipts or tags from clothes. I read some astounding stat about how much paper doesn’t get recycled that could get recycled and decided I needed to get with it. I’m happy to say I’m now recycling a lot more paper than I used to! Mother Nature, you’re welcome.

Well I think that might have been more than five but I got it down to five categories at least! I hope your year was as wonderful as mine. Remember to be thankful for the small things in life because they are sometimes the most important!