Hello December!


It’s already the last month of 2013! How many of you stuck with your New Year’s Resolution this long? If you follow my website you’ll remember that each month I set a mini wellness goal. Last month I wanted to get back into the habit of using the elliptical after the fitness classes I teach. I was very successful with this goal and now it’s simply part of my post-class routine. As a bonus I’ve been reading more magazines now that I’m back on the elliptical! My second goal was to start using fitness apps on the weekend. I was moderately successful with this goal. Maybe I haven’t found a fitness app I love yet. Who knows.

My December goal is something I hope you consider tackling as well – limiting workplace holiday treats, aka calorie traps. I’m not sure what it’s like at your workplace but where I work we get a lot of treats this time of year. Everything from people making things to share to sponsors sending cookie bouquets as a way of saying “thanks and happy holidays!”

Remember, a goal without a plan is less likely to be successful. Here’s how I intend to work towards this goal. I hope you find this to be helpful if you’re trying to maintain healthy eating and your weight this holiday season!

  • I will say no to anything that is pre-packaged. Pre-packaged foods, like commercial cookies and cakes just aren’t worth the sugar, fat and calories. Instead I’d rather have a homemade treat!
  • Just say no to the candy bowl! I’ve finally broken myself of a daily trip to Carolyn and Brian’s candy bowl and I can’t go back now!
  • No sweets before lunch; plain and simple as that!
  • Commit to five servings of fruits and veggies before I say yes to any homemade treats. This will help me eat fewer sweets at work since it’s rare that I have five servings before the end of my workday.

So that’s my plan for the remainder of this month! I’m doing this because I truly enjoy baking and indulging when Christmas rolls around. If I am mindful of what I eat December 1-23 I can celebrate a little more towards the end of the month with favorites such as these cookies below! Peanut Butter Blossoms Cookies

What are your wellness plans for this month? Make the most of the end of the year and finish 2013 healthy and strong!