Gobble Gobble!

Wednesday Workout Challenge

It’s the day before one of the most gluttonous days of the year – Thanksgiving! I’ve devised a little strategy to get you moving today and Friday! It’s really simple and fun! I just did the workout myself and it took less than 10 minutes but it was just the jump start I needed for my day.

See the workout challenge below. Today, pick out what you expect to eat tomorrow and complete the workout! Here’s where it gets tricky: you will do one set per serving you take of the foods below so make sure you’re honest! For example, I know I’ll have more than one serving of green bean casserole so I did 20 pushups instead of 10!

Keep track of what you’re eating on Thanksgiving and then on Friday, do the actual workout! Three pieces of pumpkin pie! That’s going to cost you 30 high knees and maybe 30 calf raises if you had whipped topping! Four servings of stuffing! That’s 40 Burpees–have fun!

Enjoy this little workout challenge but enjoy the food you eat a little more! Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Wednesday Workout Challenge