Good Exercises Gone Bad


How many times do you walk through a fitness center and cringe at how fast people are doing core exercises? If your answer is never, don’t feel bad. It’s my job to help people learn how to exercise and exercise properly so naturally I’m always keeping my eye on things like this. I’m sure whatever your profession is you can relate to a certain degree – editors probably never read articles without a critical eye and orthodontists probably think about how they could improve someone’s pearly whites. Fitness professionals are probably looking at things like whether or not you have an untied shoelace or how far your knee goes in a lunge or even where you got that awesome tank top (maybe that’s just me!).

I’ve put together a short video with a few exercises I think you could improve upon by simply going slower. None of these exercises are fancy or new but all can be effective for the core when done right! Check out my video to learn more!